Airline Transport Pilot License

The Signa Aviation Services' Airline Transport Pilot License course will train you to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority, including both aircraft handling, technical knowledge and non-technical knowledge. Designed for the career pilot, this course will take a student with a Commercial Pilot License to a qualified and employable Airline Transport Pilot.

Pre -Entry Requirements

  • Namibian Aviation Medical Class 1

  • Namibian Commercial Pilot License IFR

  • Psychometric Evaluation (Done at the flight school)

  • NCAA ATPL Exams Completed

  • 1500 hours as per NAM CARs Part 61.07.2

End Qualification

  • Airline Transport Pilot License - Instrument Flight Rules - Multi Engine Turbo Prop - Cessna 425/Reims F406 Rating


Candidate Dependant

Flying Time Required

1500 Aircraft Hours

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